Takohacky - A Day with Ben

Tue, 02 Dec 2014 11:00 - 17:00 JST

Knowledge Salon, Grand Front Osaka 7F

Grand Front Osaka JR Osaka Station, North Building


A Day with Ben

Ben returns from the UK as our Special Guest for a fly by night Tako Hacky Event to update us all on:

*His BackBone
*Closing down a company
*Life consulting
*Making Data-Rich web applications
*His Startup stuff

Suggested Itinerary

*Meet @11am Umekita dining 6F North Building Grand Front to get an early lunch at the Kinki Fish place (if we can get a seat)
*Head upstairs for catching up on projects
*Hack on some laptops, ask questions, show stuff and get motivated
*Those who are still alive after five we'll head somewhere for dinner and drinks

(Ohhhhh also, if you are tied up during 9-5 but can join in later come down. We'll probably be eating in a place nearby)

  • Looking forward to seeing you then!

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